Andrew Burnette

Laughing at life.

Andrew was born in New Orleans, raised in Florida, and now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He began performing comedy in 2005. He has performed in churches, bars, colleges, comedy clubs, on the street, elk lodges, rotary clubs, conventions, interventions, strip-malls, flea markets, and definitely too many restaurants. His stage-show reflects life and is full of: observations, stories of human compassion, and lots of swear words.

Andrew Burnette has performed at North Texas Comedy Festival, Trial By Laughter in Indianapolis, New Faces of Comedy at Zanies (Chicago), FL SuperCon in Miami, The Revenge of the Nerd Comics Tour, The Lucky 21 Comedy Festival, and was a finalist in The Jokers Wild Comedy Competition at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, FL. He co-created The Brilliantly Titled Show in 2007 and more recently created the Comedy Outsider Podcast.

Video of Andrew Burnette:

Last update: October 2023